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3D models formats

You can import .obj.fbx and .glb (compressed gltf) 3D models up to 12 MB.
The 3D models can be animated.
We recommend importing 3D models with less than 100 000 triangle faces (polygons).

Importing animations & textures

When importing a:

.obj model : neither textures nor animations are included
.fbx model : animations are included but not textures
.glb model : animations and textures are included


There are 6 material shaders available in the webXR materials editor


Basic material with a color texture and a normal texture

A shadeless material with a single color texture.
Lights do not affect unlit materials, recommend on models made from 3D scans where the lights are already applied.

Physically based rendering material with 3 textures: color, normal and metalness
Use it for realistic shading

Toon shading, for a cartoon effect (also called cell shading). When using toon shading, we recommend to keep only one light active on the scene, set the color to the other lights to black

Same as unlit, but with a video as texture

Use the mask shader to mask other objects, great to make magic AR portal effects.