AR image markers

Image AR markers are reference images used for image AR tracking. When the user points his phone camera on a image marker, the XR+ composition is displayed in AR, on top of the image marker.

In XR+, you can create two kind of image markers:

  • borderless markers
    We recommend using those kind of markers
  • markers with a black border
    Those markers are only recommended if you are targeting users with budget phones since tracking markers with borders require less processing power

Borderless markers

Those markers also have a few constraints:
They must be square.

They work best with images that have a lot of visual features. Images that work well have:
– Many sharp angles.
– High contrast. Both color and black and white images can be used.
– Many unique features that don’t repeat very often.

Photos typically makes much better image trackers than logos!

Keep in mind you don’t need to use the whole poster or photo as tracking pattern, sometimes using only a portion of it gives better results… In this example, to attach a webAR scene to this photo, it would recommended to use only the centre of the photo as tracking pattern.

Markers with a black border

Those markers have a few constraints:

They must be square.

They must have a continuous black border. And, with the marker in foreground, the background must be a contrasting color (generally, a dark versus a light color or shade). By default, the border thickness is 10% of the length of an edge of the marker.

The final constraint is that the area inside the border, which we refer to as the pattern, must be rotationally asymmetric.

The inner 80% of the marker is interpreted as the marker image. Remember that the part of the image outside the inner 80% will be ignored though, and also be sure not to extend too far into the border, or else the system might not recognize the marker at all when its at a very oblique angle to the camera.

How to create a new web AR marker in XR.+ studio

From the top navigation, choose ‘AR MARKERS’, click the green button ‘create a new AR marker’, choose between borderless (recommended) or image with a black border, and import your image.

You image will be imported and a tracking quality estimation will be calculated. If the tracking quality is below 80%, select an image with more details.

You can now select your image marker in your projects (AR tracking > image marker tracking).