Javascript XR+ API

The XR+ javascript API let developpers add front-end functionalities that do not exist in XR+, it also allows for a deeper UI / screens customization.

How it works?

The API is a project module to enable in the studio

The API allows 1 javascript file and 1 css file to be loaded in the <body> of the experience web document, with the usual <script> and <style> tags.

You must host those 2 files and let us know their web address so we can set them up in our internal system.

We provide a simple example – a javascript class – on how we recommend to communicate with the XR+ elements of the experience.

You can register and listen to particular events such as when the experience starts, or when an image marker is found/lost.

You can also setup your own events with the XR+ studio action editor. By doing so you can setup an action on a composition item to call a function you have defined in your script.

download the javascript API class example

How to start?

Let us know on which project you would like to activate the API module and the url of the .js and .css you need to load in the <body> of the experience.