UI Overlays

An overlay is an extra layer of UI elements such as buttons, images, rectangle.
Overlays can be simply decorative or used to trigger interactions. Each scene can have an overlay linked to it.

Overlays can contain:

• rectangle shapes
• text
• images
• buttons
• photo & video module buttons

View overlays project template example

Working with overlays

to create and edit overlays, go to the ‘Scenes overlays’ section on the left column menu.

Left column:

  • manage project scenes overlays
  • manage overlay items of the selected overlay

Middle column:

This is the overlay preview, use the tabs at the top to switch between mobile and computer preview

Right column:

Edit properties of the selected overlay item:

  • item visibility: mobile + computer, only mobile or only computer
  • position
  • size
  • content
  • action to trigger when clicking / tapping item
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