To add a sound effect or a music to a scene, import an audio file to the library and add it to a scene.

You can use the scene timeline to delay the starting time of the audio

When leaving the scene, all audio items included in the scene are stopped.

Audio items have 2 modes: ambient and spatial

Ambient audio

Ambient audio have a constant volume

Spatial audio

Spatial audio volume depends of the distance between the user and the audio source. You can place a A spatial audio anywhere in the scene and choose its max distance, symbolised by the sphere rings.

If a user is outside of the sphere, the audio item volume will be null.

If a user is inside the sphere, the audio volume is set considering its distance to the audio position. The closer to the source, the higher the volume.

Focused spatial audio

Focused audio are only audible if the audio source is within the user field of view ( visible on screen )

Spatial audio demo

Keep and audio playing between scenes

If you need to play a sound that should not be interrupted when changing scenes, don’t add to a scene, instead, use the Play audio action from the States engine to start playing the sound

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